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Extension Cable

Lengths: 6", 12", or 24"

Ensure an exact fit using Extension Cables.

Architectural Specifications

Senseon makes it easy to install a system in your cabinet, no matter the dimensions. Using Extension Cables, you can make sure your Proximity Reader, Hub, and E-Locks are connected since no two designs are ever the same.

Extension cables are available in 3 lengths:

  • 6” extension
  • 12” extension
  • 24” extension

Extension Cables are used to supplement Senseon Electronic Locks, Proximity Kit, and Hub Kit.

Required Kits:

1 Proximity Kit per system installation.

  • Includes Proximity Reader and Power Supply

1 Hub Kit per drawer or door opening.

  • Modular wiring hub comes with two hub-to-lock cables and a hub connection cable

Electronic Lock Options:

Integrated Electronic Locks

38EL: Standard Side Mount Slide and Electronic Lock

38ELAO: Side Mount Slide with Auto-Open (Propels outwards 2″ when unlocked) and Electronic Lock

3135TREL: Undermount Slide with Touch-Release and Electronic Lock

Standalone Electronic Locks 

10EL: Standard Electronic Lock

10EL-2: Standard Electronic Lock with Soft-Close

10TREL: Touch-Release Electronic Lock

10ELAO: Auto-Open Electronic Lock (Propels outwards 2″ when unlocked)


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