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Proximity Kit

Reader and Power Supply

The brain of Senseon. Tap User Card near the Reader to unlock the system.

Every system installation requires 1 Proximity Kit.


Architectural Specifications

Proximity Kit contains:

  • Proximity Reader
  • Power Supply
  • Reader Holder
  • DC Power Cable
  • Reader Splitter Cable
  • AC Cord
  • 2 Power Supply Holders
  • 12 Cable Clips
  • 9 User Cards
  • 1 Administrator Card
  • Programming Instructions
  • Surface Mounting Tool

The Proximity Kit contains an RFID reader that sits invisibly beneath a cabinet face, or surface mounted. Just tap a User Card over the location of the reader, and your drawers or doors will unlock. Every Senseon Secure Access System installation requires 1 Proximity Kit.

Program the reader to best suit your security needs with options like Auto-Relock or Manual-Lock mode–you can even customize your Auto-Relock time delay.

Up to 5 Administrator Cards can be programmed to each reader, and each reader can be programmed to an unlimited number of User Cards.

In order to create an entire Senseon System, you’ll need to also have 1 Hub Kit for each drawer or door in your cabinet, and every opening must also have either an Integrated Electronic Lock or a Standalone Electronic Lock.

Electronic Lock Options:

Integrated Electronic Locks

38EL: Standard Side Mount Slide and Electronic Lock

38ELAO: Side Mount Slide with Auto-Open (Propels outwards 2″ when unlocked) and Electronic Lock

3135TREL: Undermount Slide with Touch-Release and Electronic Lock

Standalone Electronic Locks 

10EL: Standard Electronic Lock

10EL-2: Standard Electronic Lock for use with soft close slides and soft-close hinges.

10TREL: Touch-Release Electronic Lock

10ELAO: Auto-Open Electronic Lock (Propels outwards 2″ when unlocked)


Proximity Reader:

  • Read signal up to 6” unobstructed
  • Includes 9 RFID User Cards
  • Max 100 user cards per reader
  • Up to 5 Administrator Cards per reader
  • User cards can be programmed to unlimited number of readers
  • Auto-relock time delay adjustable between 1-180 seconds
  • Mount to surface or subsurface (within 1″ of surface)
  • LED light indicates operation mode
  • Easily programmable auto-relock or manual
  • CE, RoHS, FCC certifications

Power Supply

  • 12 VDC, 5 amp
  • 100-240 VAC
  • International Efficiency Marking V minimum
  • CE, FCC, UL C & US, RoHS, MM, TUV


Optional Kits

Extension Cable: Available in lengths 6″, 12″, and 24″

Link Cable: Available as Top and Bottom Link Cables

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